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The used SIG Sauer 1911 Emperor Scorpion hand gun is a full-size 8+1 limit 45 Auto M1911. And this  weapon looks pleasantly modernized by temperance of its superb FDE finish across its slide and edge. But It additionally includes a major skeletonized circle hammer, skeletonized trigger. You can shop  used 1911 hand guns securely  because It looks extraordinary and makes any firearm  safe and more strong. The slide and casing are FDE, all the other things including the sights, trigger, hammer, and so forth, is dark.


The Emperor Scorpion  has single-stack design and accompanies a couple of 8-round steel magazines. The delightfully barrel-vaulted slide is  of three-speck SIGLITE night sights and the back one is flexible for windage. So this full-size single-activity  weapon has a 5.0″ long carbon steel barrel. Its  5.5″ tall, 1.4″ wide and it is 8.7″ long from front to back. With a hardened steel slide and tempered steel outline, but the Emperor Scorpion weighs 41.6 ounces.

The slide has short inclining grasp serrations in front and longer ones toward the rear. The firearm’s sight range is a liberal 6.5″. Under the gag is a three-opening M1913 Picatinny rail to mount lasers, and so forth because the  firearm has an alluring improved beavertail security. The Hogue Piranha G10 holds are intense, light and strong.

They have forceful coordinating and are stepped with the SIG logo. But the  backstrap has a comparing dark which brings forth while the front has the hold’s metal texturing. sig scorpion  has a necktie skeletonized trigger that sits in an exemplary course oval trigger gatekeeper. The back is a beavertail wellbeing and an able to use both hands thumb security.

The fairly used hand gun has Different controls, for example, the magazine delivery and slide get are on the left. These firearms are genuinely utilized and in wonderful condition. Do you have a used Sig Sauer 1911 Emperor Scorpion available for sale? click here.

Advantages sig Sauer 1911 scorpion

  • Excellent trigger: The Sig Sauer 1911 scorpion for sale  is definitely tuned to a crisp and clean 4-4.5 pound trigger pull that I exploit in USPSA Single-Stack Division, and they are often tuned right down to the 2-3 pound range for NRA Conventional Pistol (“bullseye”) competition. I feel a standard recommendation for combat pistols is within the 4.5-5 pound range.
  • Ergonomics: The angle of the 1911 scorpion  guns grip to the frame has a relatively narrow grip circumference and the common addition of fine checkering on the front and back straps of the frame. I find the  sig 1911 to be quite easy to handle, despite the  reputation of the .45ACP round for excessive recoil.
  • Accuracy: The sig Sauer 1911 scorpion is employed in bullseye pistol competition. Targets placed bent 50 yards. While the shooter’s skill is certainly critical during this competition and  little question in  mind that the Sig Sauer 1911 scorpion are often tuned, fitted and refined to perform with exceptional accuracy.
  • Weight: Often Weight is seen as a plus for a contest gun because it helps you to manage recoil, and it also can be seen as an obstacle for a combat gun because you’ve  the additional weight. The USPSA rules limit the sig Sauer 1911 scorpion to 43 ounces (with an empty magazine)as compared to the Glock G21 (Gen3), which weighs about 27 ounces.

Disadvantages 1911 scorpion

  •  Lack of real standardization: I  feel it’s fair to mention that the majority of manufacturers attempt to add value by enhancing or modifying some parts. Doing so will break the quality  in  their guns, less interchangeable with other sig Sauer  1911 scorpion.
  • Magazine Capacity: the quality sig  1911 scorpion magazine capacity for 45ACP is seven rounds, and eight-round magazines are now common. during a combat gun. I can imagine that might be something to stress about, since the opponent could be armed with a handgun with a different caliber that would carry up to seventeen rounds.
  • Cost: An inexpensive new  1911 scorpion will cost somewhere between $400 and $800, an inexpensive one will cost about $1,200, and a full-custom will run from $3,000 to absolutely the limit of your checking account the primary bracket, between $500 and $800, will buy you a really nice sig Sauer scorpion.

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Sig Sauer 1911 Model

Emperor Scorpion 45 ACP, Ultra Compact 45 ACP Centerfire Pistol with Night Sights, Ultra Compact Two-Tone 9mm with Night Sights